Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows

These work for most Windows Programs

Ctrl +

-S Save the current document

-O Open a new document

-Z or

-< Backspace> Undo the last thing you did

-Y Undo the last undo

-A Select the entire document

-X Delete the current selection and move it to the clipboard

-C Copy the current selection to the clipboard

-V Paste the clipboard's content into the current document

-P Open the Print dialog box

-I Turn italics on or off

-B Turn bold on or off

-U Turn underlining on or off

-F Launch the search or find tool

- Move the cursor to the beginning of the document

- Move the cursor to the end of the document

Move between open windows

In Internet Explorer

-D Go to the address bar

-B or Refresh the current web page

- Refresh the current web page regardless of time stamps

Stop loading a web page

-E Show or hide the search bar

-F or Open the Find dialog box

-H Show or hide the History bar

-I Show or hide the Favorites bar

-D Add current page to Favorites

Toggle full screen mode on or off

-N Open a new browser window

-N Go to your home page

-O or

-L Open the dialog box to go to another web site

-left arrow Go back

-right arrow Go forward

Hope you enjoy the keyboard shortcuts. Most are easy to remember and help a lot when working in and between Windows programs. Print them out and post them by the computer until you learn the ones you want to use.

Happy Windows!